DNA products are produced in limited quantities, individually identifiable, and custom made for you. As such, custom made items are non-returnable. Refunds or replacements will only be accepted if the item is faulty, and can only be considered if:

  • You have not scratched off the scratch panel on the owners certificate.
  • You have not removed the orange security band looped through the garment.
  • You have not worn, used or damaged the item.

When returning an item, everything that was included with the original purchase must be returned as well.

Returning the item is at your expense and will be refunded if we find the item to be faulty. At that point a replacement or refund will also be issued.

Temporary Tattoo’s

  • Our temporary tattoos are free, although we ask for a contribution for the postage, no refund will be given for any reason
  • We will not accept any liability for any medical condition that they may cause
  • We will not acccept any liability for any damage to property that these may cause
  • Our application guide should be considered as a suggestion only
  • Only 1 tattoo per order
  • Delivery to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland addresses only

Our full terms and conditions can be read here.