Temporary Tattoo

FREE  &  Just for fun . . . Temporary Tattoos !

Pick any tattoo you want, it’s yours for free.

Our tattoos will generally last on the skin for about a week.
Some factors may shorten this duration, like if your clothing rubs against it . . . or if you wash a lot !
They are water based and harmless to the skin

  • Size 4.5cm wide by 8cm high
We’d love to see where you put your tattoo, so please share your tattoo photo’s in our social media.


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The tattoo is FREE but we’d like you to contribute towards the postage. (UK and Northern Ireland only)
If you contribute more than we need to post your tattoo, any remaining funds will be donated to Crisis, the homeless charity.
So give a little more if you can.
Thank you.


  • Select your temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos just for fun.

  • The tattoos are harmless to the skin. We and our tattoo manufacturers have carried out extensive testing and found that they cause no irritation or discomfort to the skin.
  • However, we know that everyone is different and for that reason we can not accept any liability for any irritations or medical conditions caused by the tattoo.
    • Niether can we accept liability for damage to clothing &/or other property.
  • Whilst we will give guidance on how to use and apply our temporary tattoos, the owner accepts responsibility for all conditions in the use of this product.