Just called – ’89

This t-shirt is just called ’89

Find your own narrative to the design. We have our own thoughts but there’s only one person who had the inspiration, and he’s not telling us!

Each t-shirt is stamped with a unique collection number, engraved onto a shiny metal sleeve plate, you can be sure that no two items are the same. Not to mention, the owners certificate with a security code all add an extra layer of protection and keep our t-shirts brand safe and fake proof.

For the ’89 design the collection reference is: JEV  and limited to only 500 in the collection. So, your t-shirt collection number will be something like JEV ?/500

Available for men and women but only in Black.

Brand safe verification system. Register your t-shirt by entering the collection number & security code into our online authentication system to confirm you own a real DNA t-shirt.
This locks the owners name to the t-shirt and it’s unique collection number. Of course there is a way to transfer it to someone else.

Be sure to check out our size guide below.


Our t-shirts are made with our premium soft heavy weight fabric. 95% cotton and 5% stretchy.
They hold their shape and don’t twist, so they’ll look great all the time.

They are not thin beachwear. They are luxury t-shirts for normal or evening wear.

They all have our shiny signature metal DNA sleeve plate. If the t-shirt is part of a limited collection, the collection number will be engraved onto this plate.


High street sizes are a little un-flattering, so we’ve made our sizes that politely reflect your real size.
Please check our size chart before placing your order



  • Free UK delivery.
  • We can’t offer free international deliveries, but we have reduced the cost to align with our UK Free delivery offering.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All items are hand made to order. Selecting a faster postal option will only speed up the delivery process. It will not speed up our production of your item.
  • We reserve the right to deliver to normal postal addresses.



  • Your item is expected to be made with 24-48 hours after receiving your order.
  • If we have any queries with your order, we will email you within 24-48 hours of receiving your order to clarify any issues. From resolving any questions your order will then go into production.



Please note that our t-shirts are custom made to order and most of them have a unique registration code applied to them. Therefore returns, refunds or exchanges can only be accepted if there is a fault with the product.  Of course we will, without question, replace or refund any product that has quality issues. All item are quality checked and photographed before dispatch.

You can read more information about this process be clicking here Please click here



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