DNA limited edition t-shirt collection 2022

Here’s our current t shirt collection.

More designs and options coming.

Our ‘collection’ tshirts are made in limited quantities. The sizes of the collections vary making the larger collections more available. They all come with a unique collection number engraved on a shiny metal sleeve plate on the tshirt arm. They also have a unique security code on the owner’s certificate, allowing the owner to register their tshirt in our web site. This verifies the tshirts authenticity and locks the owner to their new ‘one of a kind’ tshirt.

A few of our tshirts, like our plain tshirts, are not in limited collections. They still have our signature sleeve plate, but do not have an owners certificate and are not registerable, but just the same amazing quality that you will not find in the high street.

These are delivered in either recycled boxes or compostable bags.