DNA t-shirt art by Gavin Alexander

The principals of DNA tshirts are to give each owner the ability to wear an item of clothing that is as unique as thier own DNA.

DNA ‘collection’ tshirts all . .
⋆ come from a limited collections
⋆ have a shiny metal collection plate rivited to the sleeve with an individual collection number engraved on it
⋆ come with an owners certificate
⋆ have a unique security code on the owners certificate
⋆ allow the owner to register the tshirt and verify the authenticity, making it fake proof
⋆ after registration, the owners name is displayed with their tshirt details in the owners gallery, giving them bragging rights to their collectable tshirt
⋆ Registered tshirt ownership is transferable between collectors, should you wish to sell or pass on your item to a new owner

A few of the designs are not in limited collections, like the plain tshirts and the one pictured here. These tshirts still have our signature sleeve plate, but display our logo instead of a unique collection number.
All of our tshirts are made to the highest standard and have a warm luxury weight to them. They’re not light ‘beech wear’, but perfect to wear if you’re going out.