Sustainable t-shirt packaging

This’ll make you smile, 100% Compostable delivery bags. Our t-shirt delivery bags are plastic-free and have no petroleum-based ingredience.

They are made from a biodegradable foil made from natural starch.In compostable conditions, and exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, the bags will break down into natural elements that are found in nature. Even the delivery label is compostable.

If you have a sealed composte bin in your garden with food scrapes, plant matter and worms, that creates the above conditions, you can place your compostable bag in there for organic recycling. It is worth noting that some ‘home environmental’ conditions may not be able replicate the compostable conditions even for certified materials. If you can’t do this, please do not place our packaging in your recycling as these plastics can not be recycled in the usual way. Place in your normal ‘black bin’ waste. It will gradually and harmlessly degrade in this way.